Seasonal Checklist

Spring Landscape Care

  • Weed mulch beds and perennial gardens.
  • Cut back perennials to new growth or to 4” from ground.
  • Prune broken or damaged branches
  • Rake winter debris from lawn
  • Top-dress beds with new mulch to give fresh appearance.
  • Fertilize trees, shrubs, perennials & lawn.
  • Plant seasonal color - after there's no frost risk

Summer Landscape Care

  • Water as needed
  • Weed mulch beds and perennial gardens.
  • Deadhead perennial & annual flowers
  • Trim shrubs to shape
  • Fertilize only with summer safe fertilizers
  • Relax & Enjoy

Fall Landscape Care

  • Keep watering your lawn and shrubs throughout the fall months or until the trees lost their leaves. Plants need the moisture to help them prepare for winter.
  • Rake leaves - Large amounts of leaves left on your lawn and gardens will create mildew in the spring
  • Wrap tender trees or shrubs with burlap (NEVER PLASTIC) use mulch or straw to protect perennials.
  • Mow lawn to 2 inches to prevent snow mold.

Winter Landscape Care

  • Keep evergreens and shrubs free of heavy snow.